Sonic: Lost World

Who would have thought that Sonic would ever join forces with Dr. Eggman? The villain gathered the power of six menacing creatures with the intention of defeating Sonic and ruling the world, however, their power was too much for Eggman to contain. When the Deadly Six rise up against their master, Sonic and Eggman must unite and explore the mystical Lost Hex in an epic quest to take them on head-to-head. To defeat this deadly threat and navigate the variety of unique terrains, Sonic must cultivate an arsenal of amazing new moves and incredible Color Powers — only Sonic is powerful enough to save the world. As he races inside, outside and upside down each new level in Sonic: Lost World, you’ll experience Sonic’s moves like never before. Sky dive between islands at lightning speed. Vault over intimidating obstacles. Free-run up and along walls. You have the skills to tear up each exhilarating level with moves like the Spin Dash and improved, Nintendo 3DS-exclusive Color Powers in an effort to unearth the elusive Chaos Emeralds. Fly through the air and explode into enemies as you explore massive mind-bending courses, colossal sky-high structures, vast underground tunnels and more. Prepare yourself for intense boss battles as you take on each of the Deadly Six to save the world one fight at a time. With the power of the Nintendo 3DS at your fingertips, you can experience fully realized 3D levels and heart-pounding gameplay — tilt your 3DS to use the Motion Sensors to navigate each hair-raising level. See who has what it takes, and race your pals through local or online game modes. It’s time to experience the ultimate supersonic showdown. Are you ready?