Gran Turismo 6

Experience the next installment in this racing legacy. For more than a decade, the Gran Turismo franchise has set the standard for racing games everywhere. By not just evolving with the technology, but pushing the limits of it, Gran Turismo has brought you the latest and the greatest in authentic racing, delivering a realistic driving experience that lets you dive into the gaming world and insert yourself on the circuit. Fantasies have been made real by allowing players to get behind the wheel of some of mankind’s greatest vehicles, and legends have been created by showcasing players’ ultimate driving skill.

For 15 years, Gran Turismo has delivered an insanely satisfying racing experience, and Gran Turismo 6 not only matches that legacy, but far exceeds it. So buckle up and get ready to race — glory and fame are within your reach. Whether you prefer Lamborghinis over Ferraris or Nissans over Toyotas, Gran Turismo 6 has your bases covered. With more than 1,200 cars to choose from, the game features everything from historical vehicles to the latest racing models, as well as several thousand aerodynamic parts and custom wheels to personalize your own car.

A technical partnership with tire manufacturer Yokohama rubber and suspension company KW Automotive, as well as a new physics engine, brings unbelievably accurate tire, suspension, kinematics and aerodynamics models for a mind-blowing realistic experience that meets the expectations of Gran Turismo’s Real Driving Simulator legacy.

With 33 tracks, 71 layouts, massive scenery spanning several tens of square kilometers and more tracks available online, you’ll have so much to explore, including the magnificent backdrop of Andalucia, while the new course generation algorithm helps ensure that each track features challenging variety.